Create a lifelong memory

We tailor make every Momma Bear for you, with the exact height and weight of the baby that is so missed. Prices start from € 79,95 (including shipping within Europe, a custom color bow and embroidery)

the Momma bear

When a baby dies, the grief is infinite.

In 2017, Momma Bear’s founders lost their daughter in the 40th week of pregnancy – one of the most dramatic events that can happen to parents. What followed was a period of mourning, in which they looked for ways to make their loss more bearable.

This was the start of the development of Momma Bear. After a long search, they found partners who could make a high-quality bear with the weight and the height of the baby. From this month onwards, the bear is largely handmade in a Dutch workshop.

Each Momma Bear is unique and a wonderful way to commemorate a deceased baby and fill empty hands a little. 

the bear

Capture a moment in time

Each Momma Bear is created with great care and attention to detail. Momma Bears can be customized with an individual baby’s exact height and weight.

A bow and the name of the little one embroidered in a range of beautiful colours make each unique Momma Bear complete.

Momma bear

A great mother who is protective, but in a good way. she behaves like a mother bear in every sense of the word; caring, protective, helpful, loving, powerful and strong.


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Momma Bear partners

Each year, Momma Bear donates part of its proceeds to three foundations dedicated to supporting grieving parents and preventing infant mortality.

Every year the Momma Bear team selects three foundations that focus on the theme of infant mortality. These foundations receive a portion of the proceeds from the Momma Bear. This year Momma Bear is donating little bears to the Belgian Berrefonds. These bears are part of the cherishing case. This suitcase is given to parents whose baby dies.



Birth certificate

Because like every baby, the Momma Bear is unique, parents receive a beautiful free official birth certificate with their bear.

The certificate states personal details, such as name, height and weight, and a unique number that lets us always retrieve your bear.

Shipping within Europe

Our bears can weigh up to 5.5 kilos, our prices though are including shipping within Europe. More about this you can find in our FAQ

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Your baby is unique


Personalise your Momma Bear with your baby’s name and a beautiful bow in a colour of your choice. Each Momma Bear is completely tailor-made in our studio and carefully shipped to become a lifelong memory of the little one lost.


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