Momma bear

About us

In 2017, the founders of Momma Bear lost their first daughter in the 40th week of pregnancy – one of the most dramatic events that can happen to parents. What followed was a period of mourning, in which they looked for ways to make their loss more bearable. During this search, they found a bear with the exact birth weight of a baby. This discovery was the beginning of Momma Bear’s development. After a long search, they found partners who could make a high-quality bear with the weight and height of the baby. As of this month, the bear is largely made by hand in a Dutch workshop.

Although nothing in the world can fill that void, the smallest of things can sometimes offer a little consolation.

Because we aim to fill as many grieving arms as possible with Momma Bears, we ship within Europe.

A portion of Momma Bear’s proceeds will go to charities dedicated to parents dealing with the loss of a baby. Last year we donated 3,000 teddy bears to the Belgian Berrefonds. These bears are part of a case that parents receive from the fire brigade, police or hospital when a child has died. The founders of Momma Bear also donated the very first wireless CTG device to the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital in the Netherlands, which helps track unborn babies in need.


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